Week 23

Sunday, 17 November 2013

To Ozzy,

This week we have been on quite a few walks together and went on a couple of walks to the park too, you love looking around at everything now and liked all the pretty Autumn leaves! You seem to have caught the cough part of your cold and now have a rattly chest but you seem quite happy apart from that. The doctor says that you are fine, as long as your temperature doesn't go up and you seem like your normal self.
You are still doing so well with your food (apart from this morning when you kicked your tray and your breakfast all over the floor... Daddy wasn't too happy!) and you are now eating so many more flavours and more of it in general. I can't wait until we can give you food that we are eating too.
You are still doing so well with trying to sit up and you love to splash in the bath more than ever (and fart in it, ha!)  I can't believe it's been nearly half a year since you were born.

We love you more every single day.

Mummy & Daddy xxx

Pregnancy In Pictures

Sunday, 10 November 2013

I just realised when I was looking at Oscar how it feels like it was a lifetime ago since I was pregnant. It felt like it flew by and yet dragged on forever and now he's here, it seem like a distant memory. I didn't take a massive amount of pictures when I was pregnant, but I have a few here ranging from 20 weeks up until 41 weeks, big difference!

Week 22

Hey Beanie!

Another week gone by!

You've really been trying to sit up this week and you have even managed a few seconds here and there where you've stayed put! We put you in our bed and you pulled yourself up before toppling sideways which is how you end up most times, but it's so cute helping you and watching you try to be more independent.

Your Dad and I have both been struck down by a horrible cold this week and I've been doing my absolute best to make sure you don't catch it as I'd feel awful if you did, let's keep our fingers crossed!
You've been full steam ahead with your feeding, experimenting with more new flavours and bigger portions, I can't wait until you can eat more solid food, we're waiting until at least the 6 month mark until we try that though. You now also seem to be more fond of your food rather than your milk which is a surprise, I thought you'd be glued to that bottle forever.

I'm starting to plan your Christmas presents already, I don't want you to be overwhelmed so I'm trying to pick a few things which I know you'll love rather than a lot of things you won't use.
You have also started to blow raspberries all the time which is so funny and you stick your tongue out at inopportune moments like when you've had a spoon of food go in to your mouth, suffice to say your bibs are getting more and more stained!

Love you lots :-) xxxxx

Week 21

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Hey Oscar!

Another week has flown by - not too much has changed really! You are now more and more keen to sit up and love sitting in your Bumbo chair or on a member of your family. You have been quite clingy this week which has been really sweet, I had to carry you around in your sling so you could still see me and you kept looking at me to make sure I hadn't gone anywhere! You have been a bit unsettled with your afternoon nap and we have had quite a few tears and one day you refused to go down at all and slept in your carseat whilst I popped out.
You celebrated your first Halloween and you looked so adorable, even though you fell asleep during our little feast, you were the cutest skeleton and baby pumpkin ever! You're still doing really well with your food and have liked everything you've tried up to now, let's hope it continues!

Lots of love

Mummy xxxx

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